Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Do Do Ronn...

Ana-B and Derek have both posted Ted Taylor tracks in recent days. Being a fan of Ted myself I thought I would make it a hat-trick of posts.

This may not be the greatest song Ted Taylor ever recorded but it certainly could lay claim to being one of the best titles of a song that he recorded (and penned).

Ted Taylor has appeared on Feel It before and it was then that I mentioned my love of the Ronn label. The label was named after Stan Lewis' younger brother Ronny (the related Paula label being named after Stan's wife). The label has a distinctive design and to my mind an old fashioned feel (especially when you consider it's design remained unchanged well into the Seventies.). Also the printing on the label of this particular 45 looks like it was prepared using a child's John Bull printing kit. The quoted time is completely wrong too; altogether it has a real down home feel to it, as does what's in the grooves.

More from the Ronn label next time.      

Ted Taylor - I'm Just A Crumb In Your Bread Box Of Love 1971


ana-b said...

The lovely thing about collecting Ted Taylor 45s is that he recorded so much. I never heard this one until now.

Thanks! Another Taylor 45 I'm gonna have to hunt up.

You probably know this, but I looked it up just 'cause I was curious. In those days all the type for offset printing was laid down by hand, letter by letter, using sheets of 'presstype' which were rubbed onto a master copy before being transferred to a light sensitive printing plate. The alignment and spacing of the letters totally depended on the skill of the person making the original hard copy.

That blows my mind. I had no idea. Must have taken hours to make it all line up right [or ten minutes to do a bad job].

Darcy said...

Houston Town is the (I think) B side of this which is another great track. Well worth finding, and like most of Ted's stuff cheap as chips.

Didn't know the story on the typesetting, had done a quick search for some info but hadn't turned that up. Thanks Ana.