Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Parish Notices #10

I’m still here, but with one thing and another…

Writing this on a new (to me) computer. My old one decided to throw strange vertical lines and general weirdness on the screen - a sure sign the video card is on the way out I think. So I finally decided to bite the bullet and transfer all my stuff  to another computer. Said computer is my son’s old desktop. He has long since moved onto a laptop and his old desktop has been lying idle for a while now. I’m not proud. Anyway, it’s a better spec than my old one and, as you have probably gathered, I like retro. No fancy laptops or ipads for me.

This painful, and necessary, computer transition process happened  to coincide with all the admin that surrounded my first selling experience on ebay - perfect timing! I think I’ve got the hang of it, but the admin shouldn’t be under-estimated.

Prior to all that I had a bit of a crisis of confidence with the hi-fi. The vinyl seemed to be sounding much quieter out of one speaker than the other, but CDs sounded ok. I did a bit of wire jiggling and juggling but came to no real conclusion. But put back together again and it sounds much better. The initial problem remains a mystery.    

Then there was the annual golf day and night out with wags. (I find the less I play golf the better I am at it - a bit of a paradox really. Recently I’ve settled for playing once a year!)        

As you can see I’ve been a bit preoccupied and the blog had to take a back seat.

And it will again as Mrs Darce and I are off to Cornwall for a few days.

So, by way of some music, here’s the first thing that came to hand and the first track to have been recorded on the new computer. (The same software recorded it but it’s a different sound card and the levels are totally different so I hope it sounds ok.)

The James Taylor Quartet - Jungle Strut 1988

From Wait A Minute

Back in the groove later next week.

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