Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Here’s my latest car booty booty!

6 LPs for £5.

K C & The Sunhine Band – Do It Good

I love the look of the UK Jay Boy label.

And there is something extra special about it in the middle of an LP.

Z Z Top – Tres Hombres

A German issue from 1980 in sparkling condition.

This was the hairy ones’ third LP, originally released in 1973,
when they were still down home and dirty and before they
became too formulaic.

It includes the magnificent “La Grange”.

Kool & the Gang - Light Of Worlds

I have this already but must be able to make a profit on this copy.

Includes the timeless “Summer Madness”.

Le Pamplemousse – Sweet Magic~Do You Have Any?

Irresistible disco-jazz-funk beats from Rinder & Lewis.

Post The Jones Girls on vocals.

Dig the yellow vinyl!

Tighten Up (Trojan)
There were a whole series of these, this is the first so wasn’t called Vol. 1 although that is, essentially, what it is. Scratched and crackly, but then after all these years that’s generally par for the course with these albums. I love the crackles anyway: adds to the atmosphere and conjures up images of all the parties this must have been played at as the 60s became the 70s.

Derick Morgan - Fat Man

And the cream of the crop....

Blues & Soul (Marble Arch)
Complete with scratches and some surface noise again,
but that can’t hide the fact that this LP is stunning!!
A compilation LP from 1966.

My purchase of the year so far, and I will be lucky to find
something as good.

Here is the full track listing:

See what I mean - I can assure you every one is right out of the top drawer. There can’t have been many better blues/soul compilations than this issued - ever, and Marble Arch was a budget label under the UK Pye umbrella.

Jamo Thomas - Must I Holler

Sonny Warner - Been So Long


Raggedy said...

Darcy! Do you happen to know who played that interesting harp on Must I Holler?
Great post!

Anonymous said...

Hi Darcy and Inge,

I looked up the 'Jamo Thomas' entry in the W. Bruyninckx Discography.He doesn't come up with a name for the harmonica player.
My wild guess is 'Big Walter Horton'.

Marc aka Blue Escorpio

Darcy said...

Raggedy - as you might have guessed by my tardy response the answer to your question is no. Of course the question prompted some internet trawling - but still no.

Marc has come up with a possibility though. Thanks Marc.

Anonymous said...


Forget about my wild guess.On second thought and after further (aural) investigation.
I found out that Monk Higgins (along with B. Gardner) was at the production helm
for the Jamo Thomas tune.
I'm pretty sure that the harmonica (and guitar?) man is Freddy Robinson (aka Abu Talib).
He worked/recorded regularly with the Monk Higgins band before he started
his own career.
He's also playing guitar and harmonica on Monk Higgins 'Little Mama' LP (1972).

slabman said...

Wow, thanks for that. When I read the comments, I thought,' hold on, there's no harp on Must I Holler'. Turns out this is another version to the one I know. That version foregrounds the guitar and motors along, but this is soulful and cooking.