Friday, March 12, 2010

Warming up

A final one out of a recent box of delights I’ve been featuring , and another perfect marriage of Country and Soul.

Harlan Howard composed and recorded this song in 1961 as “She Called Me Baby”, and it was soon gender switched and covered by Patsy Cline. It has become a staple of many a Country and Soul artist since, as have many of Harlan Howard’s compositions.

I grew up listening to another version of this song. Consequently when I first heard Ella Washington’s version I was a bit sniffy. But I soon came to my senses and now love it almost as much as the version I grew up with. Ella’s recording career was relatively brief but included some fine soul records, mostly on John Richbourg’s Sound Stage 7 label. Many of them can be found on her eponymous 1969 album – if you can find it! – but her original 45s are fairly easy to pick up. Or, of course, you could always buy this CD.

Ella Washington – He Called Me Baby 1968

Oh, and who recorded the version I will always cherish the most? Well, it just has to be Candi Staton.

Hmmm, Candi Staton…..

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