Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Polk salad with that anyone?

Two more from the box of delights.

We're down in the deep south, feeling swampy.

First time I heard this Bettye LaVette track it immediately brought Bobbie Gentry to mind. Turned out she recorded it too, around the same time as Bettye but it charted a little later.

Advance warning on this one: the horns are to die for.. (and unfortunately the pressing is not the best - looks like somebody might have mixed some polk salad in the vinyl!)

Betty LaVette - He Made A Woman Out Of Me 1969

Buy Do Your Duty a collection of her Silver Fox output.

This Pat Lundy track can be found on the other side of "Prove It". Pat was from New York and her recording career followed a similar path to Bettye Lavette's during the Sixties and Seventies - a significant number of singles released on a variety of labels with criminally little success.      

Pat Lundy - Only Mama That'll Walk The Line 1969?

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