Monday, June 08, 2009

Tapping My Feet #11 - The Purple Edition

Stumbled across this on YouTube the other day, which prompted me to dig out my copy for that truly authentic feel. Pulled it out of the sleeve to find it was on purple vinyl! I had no recollection of that fact at all. A bit of the shock, but a pleasant surprise.

For the full background on this single (in fact quite possibly more than you ever wanted to know) go here.

Key facts:
- This was recorded in the UK but went on to become a favourite on the NY Disco scene.
- TW is Tony Williams, a long time Reggae DJ on BBC London, and Tania is his
- The recording engineer was Linda Lusardi’s brother!
- Gerry.O’s name is scratched in the dead wax (never let it be said that I didn’t
bring something to the party).

The rap/lyric such as it is (this is the B side and so essentially an instrumental) is hilarious, but, released in 1980, the sound was way ahead of its time.

Funk Masters – Love Money (mp3) 1980

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mike_hunkin said...

Thanks for putting this up, I'd forgotten about this track, I think its stood the test of time.