Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Everything's Purple

Around this time last year I enthused about Alan Wilkis’ debut CD “Babies Dream Big”. Full of bright and cheerful songs that could soundtrack a summer perfectly. Perhaps it was the promising start to the summer this year that had just got me wondering whether Alan had anything new in the pipeline.

Then, less than 24 hours after I posted my “purple edition” Tapping My Feet, Alan’s new EP “Pink And Purple” dropped in my inbox. I love coincidences and this was something of a coincidence of coincidences.

Over to Alan: “… “Pink And Purple” [contains] 6 songs, very 80s-influenced, self-releasing on my Wilcassettes label, and been working on it for the past year. I've got a number of amazing special guests on there, including auxiliary members of/hired guns for Bell, Asobi Seksu, TV on the Radio, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Earl Greyhound, Antibalas, Dragons of Zynth, and many more...”

Put your shades on because once again Alan’s latest release is full of songs with a feel good factor.

All six tracks on the EP undeniably give more than a passing nod to the synthesised 80s (they tip the hat, and shake hands too!) but at the same time sound wonderfully fresh. There is something about Alan’s music that just makes me feel happy.

Fresh AND Retro – Pink AND Purple – go on, cheer yourself up:

Alan Wilkis – N.I.C.E. (mp3) 2009

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