Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Overcome by the music, I can’t think of a title

I’m struggling through another patch of writers block, or laziness – both really. That shouldn’t stop me giving you something to listen to though.

Coming across quality soul singles (or any soul singles for that matter, apart from the ubiquitous UK Tamla Motown or PIR releases) is a rare occurrence at my local digging haunts. But I came up trumps a couple of weeks ago.

Since sometime in the 70s one Willie Hobbs single has sat in my collection – “I Know I’m Going To Miss You”. A fine singer with a strong Southern soul feel – just the way I like my soul. I have always intended to acquire more of his singles but somehow, until now, that had never happened. I have no excuse really, his singles are not hard to find on ebay, or expensive, although they are often not in very good condition. The last place I expected to source some additions to my collection was in my hometown, and by doing some actual digging as opposed to the virtual variety. But that’s how it turned out and now I have three Willie Hobbs singles in my collection. In truth the latest additions are not in tip top shape – but who cares about a few pops and tics when what’s in the grooves is as good as this.

Willie Hobbs is just one more example of a massively under-appreciated Southern soul singer. Once again you can turn to Sir Shambling for more info on him.

the new additions...

Willie Hobbs – You Don’t Know What You Got (Until You Lose It) 1970 (Written by Kenny Gamble and Jerry Ross this was originally Gamble’s debut single in 1963)

Willie Hobbs – (Please) Don’t Let Me Down 1971

the old timer...

Willie Hobbs – I Know I’m Gonna Miss You 1971


Anonymous said...

I cany believe you wiped my post.
May you never enjoy again that which you most solicite.

Darcy said...

Sorry you feel that way Anon but your comment didn't meet my approval: a) it was in no way relevant to this post and b) it contained inappropriate language.