Monday, May 25, 2009

The Great Outdoors

It seems I have spent almost all of the last four days outside. Gardening for the most part. The weather has been great and even Mrs Darce, who is not known for her green fingers, has been sporting gardening gloves and brandishing the secateurs. And with another day off from the daily grind tomorrow and a fishing trip to my favourite lake in deepest Somerset planned that will be five days in a row in the great outdoors. I’m drunk on fresh air!

I took a brief break from gardening on Saturday afternoon for another visit to the record shop I found the Willie Hobbs singles in recently. Picked up another four singles including this one from Junior Parker, which just happens to have the perfect title in the circumstances.

The outside man is definitely not a gardener in the context of Junior's song. Although having gardening as a profession would, I'm sure, lead to opportunities on, shall we say, other fronts.

Junior Parker – The Outside Man (mp3) 1970

(Find it on this)

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