Friday, April 10, 2009

Tapping My Feet #10

I haven’t gone away, it’s just all work AND all play at the moment and that’s leaving no time for bloggery. In my previous post I hinted that my next post would in some way follow on the Alexis Korner link. Well, I need more time to work on that so this is definitely not that post, as you can probably guess.

In times like these (i.e hectic) I slip you a 12” (so to speak!).

It’s that time of year again in the UK – the glut of Bank Holidays is upon us (I wonder will we want to continue to call our national holidays that now we have all fallen out of love with the banks?)

Here is a long Weekend for a long weekend.

Phreek – Weekend (mp3) 1978

It clocks in at 8:12 – those were the days.
A Patrick Adams production - Christine Wiltshire (also credited as Christie Shire) on vocals. Issy Sanchez is the uncredited mixer. Christine did another take on this track as Class Action in 1981 this time with Larry Levan in charge at the mixing desk.

Right, time to take off my disco shoes - now where are my walking boots?…

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