Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just checking in

I haven’t gone away, honest. It’s just I’m a bit busy – away with work again last week - then there have been all these fantastic football games to look forward to, watch, and then recover from - and of course the weather has encouraged me to get my gardening gloves on - and then there is always some crate digging to do (even though it is mostly of the virtual variety).

I should be back in the groove soon. STW (that’s Short Time Working) has given me Fridays off for a while so by rights I should have more time on my hands. But if the sun keeps shining… and then of course it is the business end of the football season so there are more crucial football matches to look forward to… and I might have tidied the garden up but I haven’t actually planted anything yet…. and Mrs Darce is off to Turkey with her bestest friend next week which means I will have to do household chores!….

I know, it’s all me me me.

Ronnie Jones – Me & Myself (mp3) 1978

A quick Google on Ronnie Jones turned up this. Previously knowing nothing about Ronnie, this record, nestling in my 12" collection, had always been shrouded in mystery. Isn't the Internet wonderful? (And this is not the Alexis Korner connection I keep promising you - just a coincidence).


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