Sunday, July 01, 2007

On a reggae tip...down with rain

Hope you like the new look. Need to do something about the header frame, and then see if I can get a bit more adventurous with the general layout, but all in all it proved to be a painless facelift. Just a quickie post today. I need to share some more reggae with you, and play a bit of ping pong with Davy H!

Thoroughly enjoyed seeing Culture last Friday and the gig certainly re-kindled my taste for reggae. It can rain as much as it likes (and it certainly is here in blighty) but it will no longer dampen my reggae taste buds.

My next post will return to a soulful vibe, but for now here are two more on a reggae tip.

Two Sevens Clash” is from the album of the same name and Culture’s first in 1977. Dhaima’s “Ina Jah Children” is also from 1977, I think. The DJ (or should that be sound system) at the Culture gig played this and prompted me to dig out my copy which, I’m glad to say, is in much better nick than his was!

Culture – Two Sevens Clash 1977
Dhaima – Ina Jah Children 1977


Vincent said...

Nice look. The sister in the header's easy on the eyes too... I'm digging your reggae vibe for sure. Keep on feelin' it!

Peace and blessings.

ally. said...

i'll be singing two sevens clash all day now - what a brilliant way to start the week.
and the dhaima track is new to me so ta.
and i do like a bit of braaahhn

Davy H said...

NICE. But who's pinging and who's ponging?

Darcy said...

Thx for the comments all

Vincent: that sister is one of the greatest ever soul singers (quite possibly the best in my opinion), and it's from an album cover. Can you guess who?

Ally: Life On Mars woke me up to how overlooked and maligned brown has been lately (like in the last thirty years!).

Davy H: well I don't think I smell and I'm sure you don't so perhaps we are both pinging, which is appropriate I guess as we are both creating some surf on the interweb.

Rob Whatman said...

Cool pic of Candi Staton on the header, Darcy! Which makes me think...

I have a spare ticket for Al Green/Candi Staton at Hammersmith this Friday. I've been trying to give it away (can't be bothered with selling it), but amazingly no takers yet!!! Send me an email (on my website) if you are interested!

Rob Whatman