Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I know, I'm working on it

Just a warning, things could look a bit strange here for a bit. For a while I’ve been thinking I should add an image the header of this page, and maybe play around with the layout a bit. I’ve finally decided on the image for the header, now I just have to work out how to add it and size it. With the new Blogger this is supposed to be a lot easier but first I have to upgrade to the new way of coding templates – or layouts as they are now called. Once I do this all sorts of layout tweaking should become easier, or so I’m promised.

But Blogger warns me to back up by template and tells me that some features will be lost in the upgrade and will need to be reinstated once I’m in the brave new world. Hmmm, now I’m getting nervous. Only a few years ago I would have relished the challenge and would have grabbed Blogger’s widgets with both hands. Now I’m just fannying about with font selection which in all truth is just a displacement task really. Time to take a deep breath. But who knows, if it all goes swimmingly there may be no stopping my urge to fiddle with the layout.

Recently I have bumped into a couple of comments on other blogs from Davy H over at The Ghost Of Electricity. He’s hankering after more reggae in the blogosphere.

It’s funny, this time last year, I was listening to a lot of reggae. I think this must have had something to do with the weather, which was glorious at the time. Not so this year, the weather is awful and I think it’s drowning my reggae taste buds. I’ve listened to a few tracks recently, but even the familiar hasn’t grabbed me. This is worrying, especially as I’m going to see Culture live in a few days time.

Anyway, reggae pops up here now and then, so I will happily oblige Davy H today. “Concious Man” (sic) from Dr Alimantado was another single that was pulled from one my boxes during my ‘randomising session’ described in my previous post. Looks like the guys at GGs could have done with a label preview button, and polished up the spelling before pressing. You can learn more about the good Doctor, and buy a compilation CD, here. “Conscious Man” borrows the riddim from Horace Andy’s “Fever”, as it seems do a few other tunes!

And just to reiterate, if it all goes a bit weird here over the next few days it’s not Blogger’s server catching a cold. These are the workings of a man concious (sic!) that he is messing it up and frantically attempting to put all right again!

Dr. Alimantado – Conscious Man 1977
(released on GGs in 1978)


Davy H said...

I suppose you think I'm BOUND to comment since you've mentioned me so many times. As if!

LUSH track Darcy my friend.

And they can say what they will, I LIKE the header image and I LIKE the mocha chocolata background.


Robert said...

I haven't listened to "Con(s)cious Man" yet, but since you're a soul fan, I thought I'd shamelessly promote a write-up I did of a Bunny Sigler compilation: The songs are available for download through next Wednesday.