Sunday, March 11, 2007

Proxy music - the end is near

I’m thinking it’s about time the borrowed soul pack is returned to its rightful owner. Before it goes back here are two more from the stack. Both are on labels that were soon to be no more.

South Shore Commission’s “Train Called Freedom” is definitely on the Love Train track, a gorgeous bit of Phillyesque disco soul on the Wand label. Wand started life in 1961 as a sister label to Scepter. After progressing through a number of label designs it finally shut up shop in 1976 and Wand 11294 was the penultimate release.

The Admirations track featured here dates from 1967, although it sounds earlier to me. It has a doo-wop feel to it, and also a great raw edge, which was something of a trademark of George Leaner’s One-derful, and sister Mar-V-Lus and M-Pac labels. Only four more singles made it to release on the One-derful label before it too was confined to history when the whole family of labels went out of business in 1968.

Labels, labels, labels - I said in my last post they are part of the magic of the 45 rpm record. As I’m feeling a little lazy on the wordsmithing front right now I thought I would just leave you with a list of all the labels that appear in this little soul pack I have borrowed (if you collect records I know you love lists):

United, Scorpio, Mar-V-Lus, Sound Plus, Ram-Brock, Jacklyn, People, Brainstorm, Today, EM.T, Roulette, Rain Forest, Revilot, D.C Sound, Soulvation Army, Seventy-Seven, Brunswick, Perception, Toddlin Town, Sock & Soul, Swar, Bale, Kashe, New York Sound Co, Desert Moon, Ludix Productions, Shout, Truth, 12:00, Calla, SSS Intl, Turbo, Steeltown, Segue, Keylock, All Platinum, De-Lite, Little Star, RR, Kudu, Wand, One-derful.

And now let’s get on with the show, as they say.

South Shore Commission – Train Called Freedom 1976

Admirations – Wait Til I Get To Know You 1967


Debby said...

I love the admirations song, and your blog is one of my new favorites. thanks for all the music!

soup said...

just stumbled into your blog. thanks for sharing these.

yeah, the recognition of those labels used to stop my pulse just that bit too long.

there used to a stall in piccadilly circus, london (near windmill street, i believe) and the stall owner used to have boxes of 45s like these and a queue of diggers be waiting to touch the vinyl on the decrepit turntable before purchasing.

heads be nodding if a tune was recognised and everyone be congratulating. and that was late 80s - £2 each. thanks for the memories.