Saturday, March 24, 2007


Thanks to all who left kind words on the Celebrations post. And how do I repay you? By going nearly two weeks without a post! Work has got in the way somewhat – In Germany again without easy access to the Interweb I’m afraid, and it’s likely to be that way on and off for the next few weeks so the posts may miss a few beats.

An English colleague of mine is an excellent host while I’m in Germany. We stay in neighbouring flats, but because he has a permanent base there his is well stocked with music and alcohol (for purely medicinal purposes you understand – ha ha!) and so most evenings last week we retired there “for a nightcap”. In truth there were so many nightcaps the place could have been a milliners! So on a heady cocktail of Weissbier, malt whisky and Calvados we took a spin through his CD collection. Soul is virtually absent but most everything else is present, and a fine mixture it is. “Shangrenade” by Harvey Mandel made me sit up and take notice (I think I may have temporarily slipped off my chair after another Calvados – no, only joking). Like our drinks mix it’s a heady concoction – in this case of jazz/rock/blues/funk. I had to borrow it so I could post up a track. Listening to it sober it may not have quite the same effect so for a perfect marriage open a few bottles of whatever takes your fancy and then do the Fish Walk.

And to do the fish walk you really have to wade in the water and - hey presto! - you can pick up Harvey’s 1968 take on “Wade In The Water” over at Art Decade.

Now it’s time to check on how my wife is getting on the laundry because I’ve got to pack my case again tomorrow!

Harvey Mandel – Fish Walk 1973


doctashock said...

I'm gonna have to beg to differ with you here my friend. I took my first listen to this track while I was at work completely sober and it still has quite the staggering effect

Davy H said...

Nice. You gotta good thing going here Darcy.

Thanks for the link - I have returned the favour.