Saturday, July 01, 2006

Let's do it

I’ve been watching paint dry too much lately, and it’s not all been due to the decorating! So come on England shape up or ship out - the time is now, or else there’s no tomorrow.

Editor's note (6/7/06): There really wasn't much conviction in this rallying cry, the outcome was, I thought, somewhat inevitable. Still, a good excuse to post the Brass Construction track. A poor showing throughout from the England boys. Hopefully though there will be one good thing to emerge from England's whole sorry World Cup journey - the mad swede Sven might well be unemployable in football from now on!
Good luck to Italy and France in the final.

Brass Construction – Now Is Tomorrow 1976

(From "Brass Construction II")


Tuwa said...

I keep running across their LPs in various places but I never have picked any of them up. My loss, I guess.

Matthew said...

Keep the faith, baby. Portugal may open the back door for you.