Thursday, July 27, 2006

And the heat goes on

Short and sweet on the words front today, you can’t take of advantage of the wonderful weather sitting in front of a computer.

Back in April I posted my first reggae track and predicted a long hot summer. Well, so far here in the UK (and across much of Europe and the US too by the looks of things) the prediction has come true, and how! So let’s try and keep it going with another reggae track. “Joggin’” by Freddie McGregor was released in 1980. You may not feel like jogging in this heat but it’s a pure summer groove. The song operates on two levels. You can let it wash over you as you relax in the sun but listen to the words and you will find the song sounds a cautionary note and, from the viewpoint of twentysomething years on, a prophetic one too.

This track has appeared on a few CDs but if you can find this one in any of your favourite second hand haunts then get it because it looks like a cracking selection.

Freddie McGregor – Joggin’ 1980

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