Wednesday, December 01, 2021

The Feel It Advent-ure 2021: Door 1


Another random selection of 45s for this year's Adventure. All will probably be taken from these stacks of vinyl sat next to me that have been growing steadily through the year. A mixture of 2021 on-line purchases, charity shop pulls, and car boot serendipity.

Debra Lewis had two 45s released on the Valiant label in 1961 and as far as I can tell that was the extent of her recorded output. I can tell you nothing about her, and I am not even sure whether she was black or white, although the label might suggest white. Valiant was a California label founded in 1960 by singer-songwriter Barry DeVorzon and manager Billy Sherman (according to Wikipedia). The label had a good run, finally being subsumed into Warner Brothers in 1967. It did predominantly feature white pop acts and, in its later years some psych output, all with a Southern Californian feel.

Debra Lewis – What You Gonna Do 1961


C said...

I like this, very dramatic (it would surely fit in a film soundtrack?)
Lovely to see you back too!

Ravel said...

oh WoW !
Yes very dramatic, very strong too.
Love it.
Ravel, Montreal, Quebec.