Tuesday, December 07, 2021

The Feel It Advent-ure 2021: Door 7

Poetry? Monologue? Spoken word? Call it what you want but it packs a punch.

Wanda Robinson made one album in 1971 – Black Ivory – a spoken word tour de force from a strong black woman, with some wonderful backing tracks. Very much of its time. Perception released a follow up a year or two later with other tracks from that album's sessions. It was released without any involvement from Wanda as she had already left the music business, disillusioned. She changed her name to Laini Mataka and has subsequently had a number of books of poetry published.

This single was taken from that debut album which was named after the backing band on the album. 

Wanda Robinson – Final Hour 1971/2

The backing track of Final Hour is in fact Black Ivory's debut single Don't Turn Around (one of theirs I don't have, yet).

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