Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Testing, testing...

I have made the snap decision to do a Feel It Adventure again this year.

Having being absent for almost a year this is probably a foolhardy decision. But we shall see.

So by way of a dry run, let's see if I can remember how to do this!

Here's Jackie Wilson. I absolutely love this record. Jackie really hit a purple patch in the second half of the Sixties. Joyous is the word that springs to mind. 

Jackie Wilson - I Don't Want To Lose You  1967



jetydo said...

Yep, this thing is working. Welcome back and cheers!

Darcy said...


drew said...

Magic to have you back Darcy. Will catch up on your posts so far later on. I think I ay return semi regularly next month.
Jackie Wilson is hard to beat

Ravel said...

Kind of came back every month to see if you felt (no pun) like coming back. I have a soft spot for your fine tastes.

Darcy said...

Thanks. The key thing is can I keep the momentum going into 2022?! :)