Sunday, December 24, 2017

Mints for you

Very recently I've found quite a few records on line at the right price. Records are like buses sometimes. A couple days ago, amongst some Christmas cards, three little packages were sat there all together on the doormat, freshly delivered by the postie (who was no doubt wearing shorts, as they always seem to do). Just in time for Christmas - perfect timing.

Here they all are scattered on the table after receiving their first couple of plays. And what is that you see amongst them? Yes, it's another Capsoul 45.

Long term visitors here will know I am not big on Christmas records. I just don't possess many, especially in the genres I feature here. But I thought this record maybe vaguely appropriate as we move into the festive holiday. I dare say after you have tucked into your mountainous Christmas dinner tomorrow you may soon be dipping into the bowls of chocolates that have appeared around the house and that you have somehow convinced yourself you have room for. After dinner mints always go down well, so here are some Mints for you – four to be precise.

Season's Greetings to you all. Enjoy your holidays - try not to eat too much!


C said...

Yes, that's nice and silky smooth just like those favourite mint chocolates.
Have a lovely Christmas, Darcy!

John Medd said...


John Medd said...

Oh, and a Happy Christmas!

drew said...

All the best to you and yours Darcy

Anonymous said...


1st visit back in awhile. LUV the songs & keep 'em coming!
In an earlier post you mentioned Capsoul label "hark back to an earlier time" (12/15/17), & for this single it's TRUE! From 45cat site this single was 1st released on Holiday (Ohio) label (# 175) in '69 = 4 years earlier! Not sure if Capsoul did a lot of re-releases, but this is one example.

Ciao! For now.