Monday, March 13, 2017


This blog is eleven today. Oh dear, I am having trouble with my mojo, I almost missed it!

Only 40 minutes of this auspicious day ( :)  ) left as I type and this is, in truth, the first opportunity I have had to put fingers to keys today. Of course, presented with a similar situation in years past I would have prepared something in advance and scheduled the post. Where is that damn elusive mojo?

It struck me that in those eleven years I have not featured one of my favourite singers nearly enough. So in an attempt to put that right here are two tracks - both B sides - from Johnnie Taylor.

I have been feeling both of these recently.   

Johnnie Taylor - A Fool Like Me  1970

Johnnie Taylor - Hold On This Time  1969

PS: As is customary on this day, the 13th March, birthday greetings go out to Candi Staton.  


C said...

Lovely voice.
I'm sure the mojo will return eventually, but you know what they're like - they go wandering off and forget to ring home, then as soon as they start running out of clean socks they turn up again like they've never been away.

C said...

PS - and of course, happy 11th birthday to Feel It!

drew said...

Well,done Darcy, always worth reading and downloading after all these years. Quite an accomplishment.

charity chic said...

As Drew says - an impressive achievement

Darcy said...

Tee hee C.

Thanks all. We all keep our little corner of the internet going.