Friday, October 21, 2016

It's so good for me

I was going to share a track from one of the albums I picked up in Alaska on my recent holiday but that will have to wait a bit.

Instead as it's Friday it is the return of the Friday Double Header - in which I feature a 45 where one side cannot in truth be posted without the other.

The A side (at least I believe it's the A side) of this 45 has nudged Phyllis Hyman's One Thing On My Mind off the turntable to become my latest earworm, and the other side is mighty fine too.

More and more Gene Chandler 45s are finding their way into the collection, this is the latest. Scary to think this one is more than 50 years old. 53 years old this month to be precise.

JohnnyPate gets the arranger credit on this one, and what an arrangement it is.

And here's the other side, which got the play X from the DJ who received this particular advance copy.

Gene Chandler – From Day To Day 1963


drew said...

Gene Chandler has a distinctive voice doesn't he. I think that I prefer the dj plug side. Both great though. Thanks Darcy.

C said...

Oh yes, I love that voice, I prefer the first track here. And indeed scary to think how old (same age as me)!

Darcy said...

Drew: I think Gene sounded more "white" in his early recording days.

C: You had just come into the world, and I had just started school!