Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Tomorrow is here!

Now, how do you go about this blogging lark again?

Since my last post “I will do a post tomorrow” has been a thought that has crossed my mind many times. But those tomorrows have come and gone and the thought has remained just that, nothing more than a dream – until now!

The crazy busy time at work has subsided for now – a project with an increasingly unrealistic deadline finally sensibly rescheduled.

On the home front we now have a lovely new shower room – just a few cracked tiles to sort out :( . This project had a negative effect on the vinyl front. The front room which is home to the hi-fi had been full of shower room stuff awaiting installation – including among other things a toilet, which may have proved a good listening perch except that, unfortunately, the turntable was essentially unreachable.

So the recent vinyl purchases have been mounting up. But I'm back in the grooves now.

Considering Al Green was one of the first singers that introduced me to the wonderful world of Soul music I have surprisingly few of his singles. Al Green's Greatest Hits probably had something to do with it. Back in the day when my fledgling vinyl habit was supported by pocket money alone the Greatest Hits album was a godsend, and Al Green's was (still is) a treasured copy in my collection It meant I bought few of his singles; not, for example one of his big hits, Let's Stay Together. I finally added a copy of this single to the collection last week when I found one at a car boot in reasonable condition (thinking about it, Al was a household name in the 70s and had quite a few big hits, but I hardly ever come across his records “in the wild”).

The A side is warm and familiar and brought back memories when I gave it a spin. The B side I didn't know but made me purr “ooh that's good”. Tomorrow's Dream pre-dates it's A side by a few years, it appeared on Al's first album for Hi, Green is Blues, released in 1969. The track has a sort of gritty “down home” feel to it – the Hi sound is unmistakable but more of an undercurrent, listening it is almost like you are witnessing the birth of the classic Willie Mitchell sound of the 70s; and Al's vocals have yet to receive that extra polish. I think it is a very wonderful thing, and it has been a highlight of a gruelling few weeks trawling the charity shops and car boots.

PS: let me know if the link fails to download, I realise it maybe new account time again at Box.


naguiar2003 said...

The link is working alright. Thank you again for the great music.

drew said...

That is very good and Reverend Green's voice sounds a lot rawer to me

charity chic said...

Good to see you back Darcy

Darcy said...

Naguiar2003 - thx for the confirmation on the link.
Drew - yes , before the polish.
CC - thx, glad to be back.

George said...

Darcy, that is great Al Green song.