Friday, September 04, 2015

Let's Play Checkers

What separates these two Checker 45s?

As far as recording studios are concerned it’s about 565 miles for that is the driving distance from Chicago, IL to Florence, AL.  

Considering the 1000 series Checker 45 releases it’s 6, and about 4 months was all there was between them when they were released in 1968.

Recently when they dropped through my letterbox nothing at all separated them because they were nestling snugly together in the same package.

You will all know by now I love the Chicago sound, and I also love the sounds that were coming out of Rick Hall’s Fame studio in the late Sixties. So how could I choose between them? I can’t, so you get both. Furthermore, I find it difficult to choose between the two sides of each of these records so, again, you get both.


charity chic said...

You are too kind to us Darcy!

Anonymous said...

cheers - love 'In my body's house' from Gene!

George said...

On this sunday, Darcy, I will be hard pushed to hear a better song than Bobby Moore's I Won;t Cry, absolutely tremendous song.