Friday, April 17, 2015

AG by the end of the evening

Until now I have been living my life BG. In a few hours time, for the first time in my life, I will finally see one of my heroes perform. I'm going to see George Clinton and the P Funk gang.

Then I can count my days as AG - After George.

Will they play a P-Funked version of this I wonder?

The Parliaments - A New Day Begins  1969    

So here I am AG.
Well they didn't perform this but they did play for two and a half  hours (essentially with no break between songs/jams/grooves!) and it was, for me, a religious experience!!

The man himself was very fetching too in tramp's trousers, check shirt, striped pink tie and a hat that the barmy army down in the Caribbean would die for right now.  


charity chic said...

Enjoy -I'm sure it will be an experience

george said...

it would be great if they could just perform THAT song, what a belter, Darcy.

Darcy said...

George: I think this is my favourite of theirs when they were "with the s".