Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Stack O' Wax Jukebox... don't forget the B sides

If these singles had found their way onto a jukebox how many plays would the B sides have had I wonder? These two are perfectly suited for that late evening play though, just before the bar is shutting for the night, maybe entwined with your new girl, or there again maybe just staring into the bottom of your beer glass.   

For all that the A sides of these two singles are good, these B sides are the real deal.

This was the The Soul Children's first 45, and it has the Hayes/Porter quality mark in the credits. The Soul Children would go on to release any number of top notch singles and albums into the Seventies.

The Soul Children - Move Over  1968

I know almost nothing of The Natura'elles. All I have been able to find is here, where a few great pictures of the girl quartet can be found. Their members were Denita James, Faye McGee, Loretta Bowen, and Jill (or Judy?). Such a pity we don't even know the full name one of the members. Denita James was a cousin of Kim Weston and went on to be part of the group Hodges, James, & Smith. Sadly Denita passed away June last year (2013). I can trace no further details regarding the other members of the group apart from a mention of Faye McGee as a backing singer in the early Seventies on at least one Stax session.  

The Natura'elles - So Much In Need  1969      

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