Friday, July 18, 2014

What happened?

This week I have bought albums in four different charity shops, a mix of independents and ‘big’ organisations. In every one of them I had to pay £2 for an album. That represents a 100% increase in price from earlier in the year. What’s going on? They must be in cahoots. At anything up to £1 I would happily take a chance on a record. At £2 I’m thinking twice.

I’m not at all sure I like Boz Scaggs voice but the £2 price tag didn’t put me off buying his 1977 Down Two Then Left album today. There is usually something worthwhile to find on Boz Scaggs albums, and there is a peach on this one. We’re Waiting has the perfect feel for the summer weather we are currently enjoying. There are some strongly reminiscent musical bits and pieces on this track, from the Dan-esque intro, through certain parts of the vocal melody, to the sublime long, long, jam/fade where the synthesiser in particular reminds me of something else. Reminiscent of what though? There are at least three other tracks in there somewhere but I can’t conjure up any of them at the moment.



drew said...

I have never knowingly listened to Boz Scaggs before.

Crate Digger said...

Round here, the going price is still 10 kronor (£1 equiv.). Some attempts have been made at pricing up have been made, but generally failed. Like pricing a beaten to death Beatles comp at £5 while leaving minty rarities in the regular £1 bin.
Great blog, added to my blogroll!

ally. said...

yep the charity shop record price hike goes on.. there's clearly some discogs led horror in our local oxfam making it only worth a browse for a stunned gasp and giggle