Friday, January 10, 2014

My turntable has a competitor

It’s about time I lifted myself out of this January torpor and kicked off another year here at Feel It.

I’ll be honest blogging (and vinyl) has taken a bit of a back seat with me recently. There is a reason for this – my head has been turned and seduced by some new technology, Mrs Darce bought me a SONOS Play1 for my birthday. 

I can't help but be amazed. Great sound, thousands of internet radio stations - have already dipped into Radio Costa Rica and Radio Guyana, played a friend of ours some Latvian Polka to make him feel at home, and some Bluegrass and Funk amongst other things. WFMU Downtown Soulville can now coexist as a favourite alongside my long time DAB favourites BBC6 Music and Jazz FM (which incidentally went internet only outside of London from Jan 1). It also introduced me to Amazon Cloud Player which I wasn't previously aware of. All the music purchases I have made through Amazon down the years are there catalogued and available to play/stream! (this is actually quite scary when you think about it). Also I could if I choose to, and I think I might, upload my entire collection of mp3 files to the Amazon Cloud (for a small annual fee) and then select and play them through the SONOS. I would therefore never have to have a computer on to listen to my mp3 collection (the SONOS can be controlled via a smartphone app!). The only thing I can't do (although I might be able to if I bought a SONOS Connect at nearly £300) is play my vinyl as a line in to it). 

Anyway, back to the vinyl. Here is an excellent , and obscure, version of an early disco classic which will probably be more familiar to you as performed by KC & The Sunshine Band or George McCrae. I love the synthesizer on this. Both sides of the 7” for you here - Parts 1 & 2 – all wrapped up together. 

Sweet Music – I Get Lifted (Parts 1 & 2) 1976


charity chic said...

Am getting a Colesseum track Darcy.All this new technology playing tricks on you?!

Darcy said...

Ha! Thanks for pointing that out.
Yes it must be technology overload :)

Link should be OK now.

george said...

....these internet thingies are all well and good....but it's the quality of sound from your turntable that just cannot be beaten. Can you re-load Colisseum???

Darcy said...

The Colosseum track should still be available here: