Friday, October 25, 2013

Thanks For Yesterday (Keeping It Peel)

When John Peel died I remember spending the entire evening in our "spare room", which then housed the hi-fi and the (steam) computer, playing records, listening to the radio, and plonking around on the internet reading peoples' memories of him. I shed a few tears too. It was like a part of me had died.

John amassed round 100,000 records I believe, and 142 of them were housed in a, now well documented, special box. In that special box were no less than three records by Eddie & Ernie. I expanded on that in one of my old posts. John always played a gloriously eclectic mix of music which included more more deep soul than people may remember.  

I now have five Eddie & Ernie records in my collection. More than John Peel? Probably not, he had the rest of their singles, including this one, squirreled away elsewhere in Peel Acres I expect. No doubt supplied by neighbour John Anderson of Soul Bowl. 

Thanks for yesterday, John.



davyh said...

That's lovely. I also remember hearing loads of deep soul and lost rhythm and blues on JP's shows.

I've just tweeted a link to you btw - being modern and that x

Darcy said...

This little corner of the 'net on Twitter?! To think! I'm a little lightheaded. Thanks.

Walter said...

It's awesome - in these days singers sung from deep of their hearts. Thank you so much.

Cheers, Walter