Friday, May 10, 2013

Easy does it

Life has been fairly hectic again these last few weeks but in amongst the general hurly burly Mrs Darce and I spent a very relaxing few days in Faro last weekend. The plan was to go with friends, as we usually do on these sort of jaunts, but a dodgy knee and flu respectively meant that neither of them could travel. So while they looked forward with dread to making an insurance claim we got on with the taxing process of enjoying three days of sunshine, good food, and each other’s company.

Neither of us are big on walking around museums and the inside of churches on such weekends away, preferring just to simply soak up the atmosphere of the place and enjoy the architecture – and many leisurely drinks and good food. Mrs Darce undoubtedly came out with the quote of the weekend: “I like the inside of a glass and the outside of a building”!

"Easy does it" was the perfect motto for our break and this one from Willie Hutch, a luscious B side which I picked up at a booty a few weeks ago, fitted the mood of our weekend perfectly.

(A bit worried about the sound quality on this, and a couple of other records I’ve been playing recently. The vinyl looks in excellent nick - the crackle at the beginning is a mystery.  I’m thinking it may almost be time for a new stylus – but surely not already, this one isn’t very old!) 


drew said...

I've found that recently with a couple of things that I have bought that look perfect but quite a bit of background noise. Not sure why, I thought about the needle but then went and played something that I new was fine and it was so that ruled the needle out. I think that some vinyl or styrene is just cheap. To be honest it is more on the styrene ones.

davyh said...

It's quite crackled but it's a *groovy* song and may I say I applaud Mrs Darce's worldview notwithstanding that I've had a 'moment' in a few sacred buildings over the years, though an old pagan.

Darcy said...

Have spun a few more grooves since and just about restored my faith in the stylus. I know what you mean about styrene but I was puzzled by the sound quality on this Willie Hutch as it was a UK 12" which usually = good quality.

@Davy- yes actually we both enjoy a 'moment' inside a cold church now and then too (and religion leaves us cold). A peaceful ten minutes, a quick marvel at the construction and the stained glass, and that will do generally. :)