Friday, April 19, 2013

With a K

Effortlessly moving through the genres here I present to you....

Paul McCartney's long lost dub album.

Ah! No, my mistake, it's Macka with a K.

A recent interwebby purchase for me, this is a great dub album. The back cover gives the line up as:

Piano/Organ: Glenn Adams & Mr Wire
Guitar:              Rick Trater, Bobby Chung
Drums:              Carlton Barrett, Tad Dawkins, Sparrow Martin
Bass:                   Maurice, Family Man Barrett

Special Effects, Production, Arrangement, Mixing:  Brad Osbourne, Phillip Smart, Michael Scudder     

Again, the back cover tells me this is a reissue (early 80s I believe) from Canada, with worldwide distribution arranged from California, USA. The power of dub!

Macka Dub - Ista Episode  197?

Macka Dub - side 1 track 6 (untitled) 197?

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