Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Misty Eyed - Part 3

......The Tracks Of My Tears continues.

The next track appeared on Lucinda Williams’ 2001 album “Essence”. A dead slow Country waltz is not something you will likely find very often at Souled On, or Feel It for that matter. But I defy you not to be moved by Lucinda’s memories of her Grandmother’s house brought into sharp focus by a final visit. Lucinda may have her roots firmly planted in Country music but she is as soulful as they come. 

Disco may seem like an odd genre of music to make you cry, but I find no shortage of Disco numbers that do it for me. Some examples – Candi Staton “When You Wake Up Tomorrow” (The uniquely ‘hurt’ quality of Candi’s voice seems to be highlighted even more by the backdrop of a disco track); Tata Vega “Get It Up For Love” (just a fantastic arrangement); Chantal Curtis “Get Another Love” (so melancholic and wistful); Patrice Rushen “Haven’t You Heard” (can’t explain). All those are pretty long tracks on 12” so I’ve chosen a 7” from Marlena Shaw. I love Marlena’s delivery as she sings her tale of loneliness and lost love. Dance your troubles away. Perhaps there was a situation or event in my life associated with this record that causes me to fill up still, but if there was then it is now buried deep in my sub-conscious. I don’t know why, but I have always kept this single in its original cardboard mailer, maybe that is part of its enduring charm.  

 MarlenaShaw – Love Has Gone Away (1976)            

I can recommend this Marlena Shaw Anthology CD as I have a copy.

To be continued…..and concluded.....

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H.M.S. said...

beautiful! you know, your blog posts make me reevaluating disco ... well, to a certain extent .. which, however, in my case is saying quite something because for a long time, to tell the truth, disco has been rather at the far end of my musical bandwidth! And I'm even a child of the disco age ...