Friday, February 15, 2013

Back of the net

Felt I had to share this one with you straightaway. This is from a charity shop trawl this afternoon. I am very pleased with my little haul (you may think I'm easily pleased). It kicked off with a hat trick of Easy/Pop albums (don't ask me why, I had a sudden inexplicable urge) - Melissa Manchester, Helen Reddy, and the Captain & Tenille! The Melissa Manchester album - Singin' - has a few decent tracks with a definite soulful vibe. Haven't listened to the others yet. Just before half time (at which point I got my ears lowered) I picked up the one you are going to hear and a nice Donovan EP, and then deep into injury time I finished things off with a Captain Sky 12" and an Osmonds album!!

As I pulled the change out of my pocket to pay for this 45 I noticed a very shiny new 50p piece. Before handing it over to the nice little old lady behind the counter I turned it over to find it had the football offside rules on the back!! I kid you not.  

This is a great and groovy little track that is a B side. The Mike Vickers in the credits is, I am assuming, the same Mike Vickers that used to be in Manfred Mann.

Off Side - Small Deal 1970

Oh, and what is this the B side of?



drew said...

I like that Darcy.

btw this US postage thing is really frustrating me, I had to ignore a couple of really good sevens this week on account of the astronomical postage!

Darcy said...

Yes the US postage thing has got me all out of sorts. Perhaps it explains my sudden affinity to Melissa Manchester et al :)

I have noticed that one of my recent go to sellers has fixed their 1x45 rate at "only" $9.95 but seriously that is only $2 higher than their previous rate (not sure about the increment for multiples yet). This has at least tempted me to continue to follow their new listings, but I can't bring myself to click the buy/bid button. At the moment then a sort of phoney game.

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