Friday, May 11, 2012

On a roll

I snapped up this little piece of Bristol musical history for 50p this afternoon at my local Cancer Research charity shop (this is the closest charity shop to our house, and I also refer to it as the “shirt shop” as I seem to be constantly buying really good shirts in there). On first play this 45 was a bit crackly but after a quick clean with the magic fluid (sat out in the garden – in the sunshine, now there’s a thing!) it has come up as good as new.

Charity shop to blog in under three hours – there’s service for you! 
As Steel Pulse were to Birmingham I guess you could say Talisman were to Bristol. For a few years In the 90s Brendan, the sax player and manager of Talisman, and I worked in the same company (the company I still work for, in fact) and worked together at times.  This time possibly corresponded with a low point in my interest in music and although I was aware that Brendan was a musician I think it completely passed me by at the time that he had been a key member of Bristol’s (and one of the UK’s), finest reggae group.    

The label it was released on was distributed by Revolver, which was my favourite record shop back in the day. Like many others, it is sadly no longer there.

I am very happy with my latest purchase. The charity shop it came from was one of the ones that contributed (and I to it if you see what I mean) to my haul last weekend. I’m on a roll, with a Spring in my step.

Right, I need to get spruced up. We’re going to friends for dinner in an hour. Dinner and a fair few drinks I’d wager. I’ll raise a glass to you all. I may have a headache in the morning.


mike_hunkin said...

When I saw your post I had scurry off to the record collection, I bought this when it came out in '81, probably cost me 50p back then!

Thanks for reminding me that I have it, I foresee an evening digging through the reggae section :)

Jeremy said...

Hey just listened to this and it's great!

Nice blog - picked it up from thrifty vinyl....


Darcy said...

Thanks Jeremy, and welcome aboard.