Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Birthdays

A birthday always heralds a cake at the office. Today none of my colleagues were celebrating a birthday but the company laid on donuts for all of us anyway.

Lots of donuts as it turned out, more than enough to go round.

I had two, and celebrated two birthdays close to my heart:

Feel It is six today J J J J J J

And that means Candi Staton is celebrating her birthday too.

Exactly four years ago I made a wish that some tracks that Candi had possibly  recorded at Fame only to remain in the can would one day get a release. Last year those wonderful people at Honest Jon’s made my wish come true and released the double CD “Evidence: The Complete Fame Record Masters” which contains most of those tracks! Even though the CD contains some of the tracks that appeared on their 2004 CD of Candi’s Fame output it is well worth picking up. As a Candi completist I have, of course, made my investment.

It means I now have just about all of Candi’s secular recordings. It must be time to start hunting for traces of some more unreleased gems, then.   

I did find this on YouTube recently though, a song I had not heard Candi sing before. Dig the yellow trouser suit!

Happy Birthday Candi J    


davyh said...

And happy birthday Feel It: it really doesn't seem like twelve months since I last wished you that, and said Keep On Keepin' On too, I expect x

davyh said...

Ha! I just looked, and I said '...it really doesn't feel like 12 months have gone by since I last...' *bores even self* x

Darcy said...

Ha Ha! When I made my Wah Wah Woo comment over at "The Ghost" I was thinking to myself... have I mentioned this before?

It's the age thing again.

davyh said...

I quite fancy they doughnuts, mind

ana-b said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the great tunes.

Anonymous said...

been drifting back and forth from your blog for the last 4/5 years... always a poignant choice of record and I do most certainly 'feel it'

many thanks and here's to another 6 more