Friday, February 03, 2012

Hoping to get back in the ......

It’s been a busy few weeks both at work and socially. There are signs that things may quieten down a bit on the life front soon and with that a more normal service can hopefully be resumed here.

In the meantime I’ve dug deep into one of my original Schweppes boxes for this 45 from the Rhythm Makers. Always a favourite of mine, it’s a hypnotic instrumental from 1975 performed by the band that would change their name to GQ and hit big with “Disco Nights (Rock Freak)” towards the end of the 70s. “Disco Nights” was in fact a reworking of “Soul On Your Side” which was the title track of the one and only LP the band released as the Rhythm Makers, which also featured “Zone”. I used to play “Disco Nights” a lot back in my DJing days and “Zone” would have got a few airings too. Back then I wasn’t aware of the “Soul On Your Side” album and, although it’s quite possible I read at the time about the GQ backstory in a copy of Blues & Soul, the link back to the Rhythm Makers certainly hadn’t stuck in my mind. Now, of course, we have the Internet. 


Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog!!!
Thanks so much for sharing all these singles, i love funk, Jimmy Castor, the great Ann Peebles, your blog is very "impeccable pour moi"
Yes i feel it!!!

Darcy said...

Thanks Patrick! It's comments like yours that can keep me going for months here.

Anonymous said...

Not of probleme Darcy, you really make a good job, i'm always connected here!
p-s: i'm just sorry for my english scholar.