Friday, May 27, 2011

Deepest Sussex

Today’s track is prompted by DavyH’s recent posting of Carman McRae’s version of “Can’t Hide Love”.  Just a great song, written by Skip Scarborough and probably known to most through Earth Wind & Fire’s version, it was first performed by Creative Source and appeared as “You Can’t Hide Love” as the first track on their self-titled debut album in 1973.

To my ears it is the pick of the album, and along with the mighty (in all ways, it clocked in at 11 minutes 45 seconds) “Who Is He And What Is He To You” they were, by the some distance, the most overtly soulful and funky tracks on the album. The rest of the album is a bit too much in the Fifth Dimension bag for my liking. I’ve just found out that Creative Source’s manager was Ron Townson, who was an original member of the Fifth Dimension, so that explains it. “Wild Flower” and “Oh Love” are pretty tracks too though.

Reading the album credits on this album I notice that, spookily, there is a link to another post I’ve been putting together and will be featuring soon. More of that anon.

(DavyH returned from your extended stroll through Deepest Surrey (wouldn’t that have been weird if it was Sussex?), with a large glass of red in one hand and your feet in a bucket of water maybe?! Here it is in case you haven’t tracked it down yet.)


davyh said...

Bless! No! I already had it cos Ms Ally posted it - and I'd forgotten. I have forgotten so much daaaahling. Me and Ms Radox off for a smooch x

Darcy said...

Ha! I too had forgotten Ms Ally posted it. I just looked it up and you me both commented on it!

davyh said...

Poor old souls