Friday, March 11, 2011

Testing 1 2 3...4...

So Feel It’s physical home has been reorganised; I’ve got a shiny new laptop with all my files and programs now transferred from the old PC; I think I’ve got the new gizmo (USB soundcard) working to my satisfaction; and I think I’ve got used to Audacity to record my vinyl (I had to move away from the other software I was using as it wouldn’t work with Windows 7). 

Everything’s good to go.

Actually I found acquiring a new laptop was a strangely traumatic experience somewhat akin to moving house. A PC is just that - a personal computer - and you spend years arranging its contents just how you want it on an operating system (XP in this case, one of Microsoft’s better incarnations) you become used to. Also, in my case, it was housed in one of those computer desks that was all the rage in the noughties but with the incessant march of technology has already just about become obsolete (from the latest must have piece of modern furniture to Antiques Roadshow candidate in record time). But that desk was home to all sorts of bits and pieces that now I’ve had to redistribute around the room in various drawers and cupboards. It seems for now like I’ve lost a comfort blanket. Sigh.

Of course the upside is the new laptop is snappier (and I’ve managed to leap frog Vista on to Windows 7 which seems to be another reliable platform), and I can get to plonk around on it anywhere I want to. This has already been frowned upon though, as Mrs Darce did not take too kind a view to me surfing the Net the other night at the same time as eating my dinner in her and my daughter’s company. Not much different to watching the TV at the same time as eating in my opinion, but I guess I’m never going to win that argument J  

The new gizmo I referred to earlier not only allows me to input the hi-fi to the laptop but output back through the hi-fi speakers as well. So if I’m within a USB cable’s length from said hi-fi my listening experience of my various accumulated music files is vastly improved.

So the question is what was my first choice to play and record through this new set up? Spookily enough it was a 45 by none other than First Choice.

First Choice were a Philly group backed by a good proportion of MFSB and featured the distinctive and delicious voice of Rochelle Fleming. Active through most of the 70s their sound was a perfect marriage of soul and disco. In the long run the disco tag has probably done them no favours because they were a very soulful group who should be more highly regarded. I’ve come to realise that ever since their first hit back in ’73 - “Armed & Extremely Dangerous” - I like just about everything they have recorded (at least what I have heard). 

From 1977 here is a solid double header 45. “Love Having You Around” is the Stevie Wonder song, and First Choice retain a Stevie vibe to their excellent version. “Indian Giver” is more straightahead Philly in feel and I can’t stop playing it at the moment. The fade out hints at a longer version, which indeed there is on their 1977 album “Delusions”. I wasn’t familiar with the term “Indian giver”, would a band get away with such a title nowadays I wonder?   


Robert Cass said...

You're right, it is hard to imagine a band getting away with a song title like "Indian Giver" today. Then again, Washington, D.C., still has an NFL team named the Redskins. Go figure.

Robert Cass said...

This cover of "Love Having You Around" is great, by the way, just as your blog continues to be.