Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Parish Notices #13

I have a plane to catch tomorrow as work is taking me off to the Czech Republic for a few days (have to get to the airport first, of course, and the hire car hasn't turned up so that should be interesting in the morning) . So no posts until next week and no time to really say anything now.

Except I will point you at BBC iPlayer and a 1973 Reggae concert at the Edinburgh Festival of all places. This was put out last Friday night as part of BBC Four's series of Reggae related programmes. Not sure how long these stick around for on iPlayer so I suggest you click the link quickly.

You must, especially for Nicky Thomas performing Syl Johnson's "Is It Because I'm Black". Impassioned doesn't get close to describing it. Judge Dread introduces Nicky at around 22 minutes in. It's worth watching it all though, not least for the glimpses of the audience - a slight mismatch between artists and audience I'm thinking, and one can only wonder what they made of Nicky Thomas.      

The Old Grey Whistle Test Reggae Concert at The Edinburgh Festival - Nicky Thomas            

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