Friday, July 23, 2010

Parish Notices #10

Mmm, been a bit quiet here recently. So, how do I do this blog thing?

I have some excuses:
1.        1. The weather. But the Great British Summer stalled a week ago now.   
2.        2.  The World Cup. But that finished a week ago too.
3.        3.  I’m lazy. But Mrs Darce had me decorating the shower room this weekend, so that can’t be true.

I do blame the weather though. As the lack of rain turned the grass brown my thirst for vinyl dried up in equal measure. In Britain when the sun shines you have to take advantage of it.

But I am all out of excuses really. So let’s get this blog back on track.

In recent days two blogs I follow closely have featured 1. Deniece Williams and 2. Sandra Wright.

I have taken the easy way out and referred you to those blogs for more of the back story on them.(Actually it was Breath Of Life who featured Niecy, but he in turn pointed to the link I've given above).  

Here are early releases from each wonderful singer, both of which I happened to pick up earlier this year. Niecy was born Deniece Chandler and in the late Sixties had a number of releases on Chicago’s Toddlin Town label. “Goodbye Cruel World” is actually a happy song and it’s a beauty. As is Sandra Wright’s Coral 45, again from the late Sixties it’s a definite double header, the A side - “Gotta See My Baby” is more known as it’s a mover, but I’m featuring the B side which is even better in my book. Recorded in Nashville it has just about everything in the mix behind Sandra  - an organ that echoes an earlier time, trademark Nashville guitar, and horns, and strings! Too much? No, it works beautifully.

UPDATE: I composed the above nearly a week ago now. I was just about to go into Blogger and post it when our Internet stopped working. It hadn’t been repaired before I had to leave for Munich for a business trip. I know, more excuses, but I’m back now, and so is this blog.     

Deniece Chandler – Goodbye Cruel World 1969

Sandra Wright – We’re Gonna Make It 1969


Raggedy said...

((Darcy))! I think most of us feel like taking a few days/weeks off blogging every now and then. Great minds need to relax sometimes.
Main thing: whenever you post, you're doing a good job.

Ravel said...

I really appreciate this Deniece as I mainly knew her from Let's Hear From the Boys. Thanks!