Monday, March 16, 2009

Everlasting candles

The celebrations continue. Two more numbers have come up – Feel It’s latest Happy Birthday post was number 150 and also brought up 150,000 hits.

That has to be worth celebrating with some more Candi Staton. Something from her disco days this time. I love the way this track just picks you up and carries you along.

My sticker on this one says I bought it on 9.6.79 – that’s nearly 30 years ago!

150, 150,000, 30: three more numbers divisible by 3 – a magic number - I tried to blow out the candles but they keep burning.

Candi Staton – When You Wake Up Tomorrow (mp3) 1979

1 comment:

mike_hunkin said...

Yeah!! Great stuff, never got the 12", for some "purist" reason I only collected 7" singles back then....doh! Now I'm trying to catch up 30 years later.

Are you sure you don't have some of those trick candles :)