Thursday, February 19, 2009


Or “yeah” as Candi would say.

I first heard Candi Staton on the radio in 1972 and it was love at first listen. 37 years later (count them!) I have finally seen her live, and in my home town! You will have to excuse me, I am still a little overcome.

There is a special day just a few short weeks away which has become something of a ritual here at Feel It so I will save further Candi-ness until then. If you must have some Candi now – and you can never have too much - then you can read previous Feel It posts dated March 13th or, even better, buy her brand new CD “Who’s Hurting Now”. (I notice that it has got a UK/Europe release in advance of a US release).

Also on the bill at Candi’s Bristol gig last night were two new names I am sure we will all be hearing a lot more of in the not to distant future – London’s Bridgette Amofah, and Bristol’s very own Phantom Limb (I must say I’m not sure about the name, when I saw the billing my immediate thought was why has Candi Staton got a prog rock band as support? But as you can hear below they are in fact definitely not prog rock).

Phantom Limb:

Bridgette Amofah:

All in all the whole night was a feast of great music and great voices, topped off with, to my mind, THE greatest voice.

More vinyl soon!

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