Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mine's a Southern Comfort and lemonade

While I slowly get my act together on a more verbose post I thought I would offer up this not so little track. This has been inspired by DavyH’s recent rediscovery of jazz-funk and his craving for full length versions of same, and is for him, at least.

For a few years now I have not been able to get enough of the immediacy of two minute something 60s and 70s southern soul and obscure sister funk tracks. Whereas back in the late 70s early 80s, in my relative youth (early twenties), I was cruising around in my silver Capri with my “If it aint Jazz, it aint worth a Funk” sunstrip listening to the likes of Lonnie Liston Smith, The Jeff Lorber Fusion, and Sadao Watanabe, (OK, yes, I’ll admit it, Shakatak too). The land of jazz-funk where every track was at least five minutes long.

Sometimes I think I must be living my life backwards.

Hiroshi Fukumura with Sadao Watanabe – Hunt Up Wind 1980*

*recorded in Tokyo in 1978 this was released on Inner City in 1980. Check out the credits on the back cover, all the ususal suspects were on the session.

(I can’t find this currently available on CD anywhere).


marmiteboy said...

Now that is a great record.

Cheers Darcy

Anonymous said...

thank you thank you for the new download site..far better than that other one.

Davy H said...

Well, I never thought trombones funky until now. NICE. Silver Capri indeed!

Darcy said...

anon: Looks like there are a few zshare haters out there. I changed to savefile as I had no alternative the other day - zshare seems to have been inaccessible of late. But I'll stick with savefile for now.

DavyH: Glad you like it. Funny, I nearly used the words "who thought trombones could be funky" in my post.
My friends called the silver Capri the "silverbird - machine of a dream", and still pull my leg about it today.

Davy H said...

Quite rightly I am sure.

themusicologist said...



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Excellent album I want to buy it because I realize it's the perfect combination of jazz and funk, thanks so much for sharing the album with us.