Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rain rain go away....

.... come again another day (preferably next year).

Gwen McCrae - It Keeps On Raining (mp3) 1975


themusicologist said...

quality song from a quality singer

Anonymous said...

I"m really happy to see this blog
I just wanted to drop some information on you and I didn't see a place to email you. So here it goes!
Legendary soul singer Linda Jones who recorded the classic soul recording “Hypnotized” has new CD to be released and produced by her daughter Terry Jones!

Philadelphia based Phil'erzy Productions will release summer of 2008 new material by the legendary soul singer Linda Jones produced by Terry Jones and Helen Bruner. Ms. Jones cd will include never before songs written and sung by Linda Jones which were never completed until now.

Terry Jones the daughter of Linda Jones say's "This has been a long time coming, my Mother was and still is loved by many people around the world and I’m so excited to be able to release new and re-worked music to the world from my Mom."

If you are a fan of Linda Jones stay tuned by joining the email list so you will be able to get updates and hear samples as they are finished. To listen to a samples as they are added visit Phil’erzy Productions download page: