Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tapping My Feet #4

Dad is still in hospital. He is better than he was. He is starting to climb the walls though and was determined to discharge himself yesterday. We managed to talk him out of it. He's not ready to come home just yet.

Aurra - When I Come Home 1980

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manny said...

glad to hear hes doing better

jerome green said...

Hi Darcy,

Thanks so much for the Aurra! I'm always on the lookout for any Larry remixes, whatever form they are in (I just want to be able to hear it).

Hopefully everything works out ok with your dad; it must be tough. I actually lost my dad in 2005; every day, I wish I could talk to him again. I'm glad you get the chance.

Thanks again for the music,
Peace, Jerome

JimboJones said...

Big up for the Aurra 12", nice one! I hope your dad is cool. Peace be with you and your family and loved ones bro.

Capt. S said...

Thanks - Hope he gets better soon :-)

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