Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jujubee gives me a BUZZ

In the small print on this page (right) I mention the spirit of ‘all back to mine’ meaning that this blog is true to that spirit of sitting down with some friends at home, lifting the lid on the turntable, and sharing some sounds that do it for you and you hope do it for others too. Listening to music is a very personal pleasure but at the same time you sometimes want to shout to the world “I love this, you must hear this”.

“All back to mine” evenings feature more in one’s youth I think and now I’m getting a bit long in the tooth they are certainly a rare event in my life, so this blog is serving as a good alternative method of essentially achieving the same thing. Really just doing a bit of research, putting up these records I love, and maybe getting a little feedback is enough for me. I don’t live for the comments but when they appear I can’t deny it gives me a little buzz. But I hope all of you who do converse from time to time will understand when I tell you that one particular comment I received recently really gave me a big BUZZ and underlined for me that the efforts I put into serving up this little blog affair are worthwhile.

Going all the way back to May 2006 I posted a couple of tracks from Judy White under the title “Southern Soul floats my boat”. Judy released a few singles on Buddah and T-Neck in the late sixties and…. well you can read more about Judy and her more famous father, Josh, in the aforementioned post. If you read the comments on that post you will also see that, a few weeks ago, Judy herself (!) dropped by to say hi and said:

HI Darcy, this is amazing, flattering and TIMELY that we would find one history month!! If you dont know who this is..Its Me Judy White Goard..i am now married for 34 years and have four musically inclined children. 2 girls and 2 boys. Your research is phenomenal and on point..except for a couple of minor things. I was born in 1947 and in that picture is my sister Beverly with my brother and father. After T-Neck i began to travel with a gospel group the patterson singers going overseas for several years. My last singing engagment was in Vegas in 72'. I now sing in my church located in GA and have passed on my singing legacy to my oldest daughter Kelli Goard Ellis. Her album has just been realeased and is entitled KELLI a heart of worship. You are more than welcome to see her myspace page which is.. I am now teaching and encouraging other young talented musical protigy's . Once again thank you so much and PLEASE keep in touch. My love and thanks to you Ms. Darcy.

Judy may have got my sex wrong, or it may simply have been a slip of the keyboard, but who cares - this comment gave me a big BUZZ. I think I ended my previous post with the words ‘you can have your cake and eat it’. Well getting this comment from Judy is the icing on the cake as far as I’m concerned.

As you can see Judy put me right on a couple of points. At the time of composing the original post I had struggled to find any pictures of Judy but thought I had found one that featured her with her father and brother, but as it turns out it was her elder sister Beverly in the picture.

Anyway Judy’s note prompted me to do another Internet trawl to see if I could find anything more about her, maybe a picture.Two years is a long time in the life of the Internet, in the intervening time from my original post I found that there is now a comprehensive Wiki entry for Judy’s father Josh White. Buried in the links on that page I found the following YouTube clip from a 1967 Swedish TV appearance (that I had touched on in my original post) and featuring Josh and, I believe, Judy!

As you can see in Judy’s note she says keep in touch. Unfortunately other than through this blog I have no means of doing that as I don’t have a contact email address. So Judy (or from your skeletal blogspot do I detect you are also know as Jujubee?), if you should happen to read this: yes I would love to keep in touch. I have gone as far as emailing your daughter to say as much, but I’m not going to press the point as I maybe mistaken as some sort of stalker!

Again, Judy, if you’re reading this I hope you don’t mind but on my original post I have re-uped one of your spine tingling, gospel drenched, slices of Southern Soul.


Roman Empress said...

I enjoyed this, and I'd never heard of her. Lovely.

Drew said...

very nice. its a moving story. thanks

Marc said...

My nose is on her trail!