Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just for you

My busy schedule continues at the moment. Work takes me to Hungary today. That will be three countries (besides my own) in the last four weeks. I have a modest 8 (UK) shoe size but my carbon footprint is starting to take on size 12 proportions!

No time to for words so the music will have to stand up on it's own and the track here certainly does.

This just may be the first time this has ever been heard on the Internet. This seems to be a very elusive 45. I featured the A side on this blog many moons ago, and that is RE-UPED for you too.

Nearly two years after my original post on Joni Wilson and I have still been unable to find out anything more about her or this 45. Can anybody help?

Joni Wilson - Flame Flame Flame (mp3)


affreuxthom said...

waouh ! terrific

Egan Ehlers said...

I visit your blog quite a bit, but can't remember whether I've left many comments. I wanted to make especially sure I told you how great this track is, and thanks for sharing it.

Darcy said...

Yeah both sides of the 45 are great, aren't they? I never see this 45 come up. It should be elevated to Holy Grail status in my opinion.

Red Kelly said...

Yes indeed... simply fantastic stuff!

Thanks, Darcy!