Saturday, May 19, 2007

Faith & Hope

I have suffered another writers block this week. But I shouldn’t forget my listeners, after all the music is the main point of this blog. In these difficult times it’s good to turn to a record that I know nothing about. That way there isn’t much to say and I can just let the music speak for itself.

Brenda & Albert’s 1974 single fitted the bill in terms of obscurity. I say “fitted”, rather than “fits” because of course I couldn’t resist plonking “Brenda & Albert” into Google for a quick search. I was just giving up on the click throughs when I hit on some discussion on Faith, Hope & Charity on the Soulful Detroit forums.

Looking at the record label the only two things that had struck a chord with me were the names Paul Riser – a prolific producer and arranger who, I believe, started life at Motown – and the co-writer “A. Latimer” on “This Has Happened Before” - who could be the singer Almeta Latimer (or Lattimore)? Now I know a bit more, and crucially the identity of Brenda and Albert. They are Brenda Hilliard and Albert Bailey – Faith and Hope from Faith, Hope And Charity.

The SD forums often prove to be a goldmine of information, and you can find out much more background information on Brenda and Albert, FHC and the label Clarama here.

You learn something new every day. Result!

Now, if the mighty Blues can find enough fit players and beat those Red Devils later today that would be two results in one day.

Here are both sides of Brenda & Albert’s 1974 single. Feel uplifted and happy (hopefully the way I will be feeling later today) listening to “Talking About Loving You”; and enjoy the slow and soulful “This Has Happened Before” a STRONG b-side with a lovely guitar motif, great vocals from B & A (or should that be F & H), and a beautiful arrangement from Paul Riser.

Brenda & Albert – Talking About Loving You 1974
Brenda & Albert – This Has Happened Before 1974

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