Friday, February 09, 2007

A dose of Dennis

I’ve been laid low for a few days – sniffles, aches and pains – yes - full blown man flu! I even took a sick day. The worst part of it is that when I have gone to work this week I’ve taken the path of least resistance and driven the car. I normally cycle and I’m really missing the fresh air, the sense of freedom, and my ipod shuffle. All together I somehow feel less alive.

I’m fed up with popping paracetamol, what I need is a dose of the late great Dennis Brown.

“Should I” is from his hit 1979 album “Words And Wisdom”. This track warms me inside and out. While I’m drinking the hot toddy that is Dennis’s voice the whole vibe is wrapping me up in a plump king size duvet.

As an extra bonus the lyric features the word “gay” in probably one of its final outings in it’s original colours.

It warms the cockles of your heart.

I’m feeling better already.

Dennis Brown – Should I (mp3) 1979


Rasheed said...

Hi Darcy, first of all, thank´s for your interesting blog. I discovered you a few weeks ago and like a lot to see what happends. I´m one of the 3 people from spain that visits your blog :-D interesting!

Thank´s again. Angel.

Anonymous said...
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